The Shroud of Turin on display to the public

The Shroud of Turin on display to the public

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For the first time in ten years the Saint Shroud of Turin will be exhibited to the public in the Piedmont Cathedral. and this until May 23. The most famous and controversial of Christian relics comes in the form of a piece of linen 4.36 m by 1.10 m on which the body of Christ is said to have been printed after his ordeal. Its first documented historical appearance dates back to 1357 in Champagne. In 1452 the precious relic, which had changed hands many times, became the possession of the wife of the Duke of Savoy: Anne de Lusignan. It was over the following centuries one of the most precious treasures of the House of Savoy and regularly used for political purposes ...

The shroud which has suffered the ravages of time (and which bears the scars of a fire that occurred in 1532) was notably restored in 2002. These restoration operations were the occasion to revive the controversy surrounding this relic, which according to many scientists would be a medieval fake. Thus, a carbon 14 dating carried out in 1988-1989 gave it an age of around seven centuries. This dating was later disputed and the debate continues to rage today. Indeed, recent studies have revealed that the area of ​​the sample used for dating had been restored ... in the Middle Ages. In any case, the Shroud of Turin remains one of the relics most highlighted by the Vatican and will be honored on May 2 by Pope Benedict XVI in person.

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