Images of the Algerian War - La Baraka

Images of the Algerian War - La Baraka

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Last June we had the pleasure of presenting you the bibliographical work of Jacky Alaux: “ La Baraka: the Algerian war ". Engaged in the parachute commandos until the "betrayal" of De Gaulle, partisan of the OAS, the story of this young Blackfoot offered us a vision of this conflict which contrasted sharply with the memorial self-flagellation in vogue. in our policies and in our textbooks ...

We write history by crossing points of view and we thank Jacky Alaux for giving us his, no offense to certain fanatics of the FLN. Today we offer you the complement to the photographic corpus that should have appeared in the book.

Jacky Alaux, 2008.

The author in 1960.

The author and his top acrobats.

"The French paratroopers were the first to use helicopters
for direct interventions "

"A shiver froze my back."

Parachute fighter commandos

"Sometimes they would give it back to us."

The caves of the marabou.

Hooded OAS commandos leaving for
an anti-FLN raid

The book

La Baraka - The Algerian War by Jacky Alaux, Editions France Empire, May 2010.

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